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Covid-19 update

A patient was attended to on Sunday 23 August at 8:30 am who subsequently tested positive for COVID-19.
Epstein Chiropractors can confirm that from the results of his day ten test, Dr Michael Epstein has returned a negative finding to COVID-19.
During his self-isolation, the clinic has been deep cleaned and will reopen on Monday 7 September at 9 am.
Effective immediately, if face to face social distancing cannot be maintained, Dr Epstein will wear a mask at that time. Patients are not obligated to wear a mask



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Teak iPad and Laptop Stands

 Laptop Stands from  Epstein Chiropractors

Do you have neck pain?

Consistently stretching your neck ligaments for as little as 20 minutes a day in the wrong direction may cause spinal deformity leading to neck pain, headaches, tight shoulders and hunch back (Thoracic Hyperkyphosis).

Dr Michael Epstein of Epstein Chiropractors has designed iPad and laptop stands, in teak wood, for both desktop and bed use. They are designed to provide superior posture support whilst working, playing or reading. They are sold online and from the Epstein Chiropractors clinic in St Ives Shopping Village in Northern Sydney.

laptop stand | st ives massage | epstein chiropractors

Teak Laptop Stand. For Desk.

Designed for posture protection.

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laptop stand for bed |st ives massage |epstein chiropractors

Teak Laptop Stand. For Bed.

Designed for posture protection

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