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Mona Vale Beach is a better Saturday option than Bunnings Hardware. #news

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Why the fuck am I seeing chiropractor ads

So is Epstein alive again?

Danny Soz

Hana PardoeOlivia Richardson another beach

Epstein didn't kill himself.

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Happy Passover. You are never alone when you have a good book to read. #news

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Happy Passover

Chag Sameach

You look well! Extra handsome! You’re in Australia I take it? I’m in Texas…

Hag Sameach. Happy PASSOVER Michael. From Linda,Sandy's friend

The last supper good shoose xoxo

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Exercising whilst lying down is legally allowed.#news
Stay at home unless you want to exercise.All Northern beaches of Sydney are open for running, swimming, surfing and walking but resting is not allowed, unless you are going to exercise more! Enjoy life and get some sun and don’t be afraid of COVID19. Be mindful of social distancing.#news

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Ali goes out for her first day out today - she’ll be there fir sure

Another Saturday self isolating at Mona Vale Beach. It was just mostly me  and two fishermen who appear to have their lunch of fresh fish ready to go! Keep your distance and enjoy the day. #news
Saturday is declared self isolation day at Mona Vale Beach. Might as well be here since I’m stranded on the island of Australia. Get out in the sun as it is an excellent source of Vitamin D and is an immune system booster. #news

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Wish I could do that .. we are in total lockdown here .. I am only allowed to go for walks alone .. have to stay st home now .. only allowed to use car to go to get food ... wish I could go for a swim

This Sunday morning I attended our local leadership community meeting which included my Federal, State members of parliament and local council member. After listening to all of them, I shared my understanding of viruses and how the human Coronavirus was first described in 1931 and initially isolated in humans in 1965. What we are hearing about is a new strain of the virus. If you are not well, stay at home and keep eating. My favourite virus food is Miso soup. #news

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I knew Epstein didn’t kill himself

Why are u so close to him?

It was a late start this Sunday morning at Epstein Chiropractors as we had a fire in the shopping centre. As the appointed fire warden, my day started a bit late but it all worked out for the better. No injuries and minimal damage to any shops.#news #stivesvillage

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Oh no , that’s awful .. with all the bush fires aswell .. scary stuff ! Stay safe 😘

It was a fire in a cafe near Woolworths. For the remainder of the day, all that was served was black coffee.

Hi dr, how are you?

This summer .... Just start walking!
Thanksgiving at my Mums home and my vegan contribution.#news
My first day back in the USA was filled with an 8 hour Advanced First Aid/CPR and AED training course. Informative, important but exhausting after 13 hours in the air.#news
Dr Michael Epstein from Epstein Chiropractors is performing free postural and spinal examinations in front of Harris Farms at St Ives Shopping Village this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  @ St Ives Shopping Village #news
Had a relaxing but informative weekend at the Australian Chiropractors Association Annual Convention. #news
Dr Herring has prepared 3 kilos (7 lbs) of heart friendly herring as a contribution to our community Jewish New Year celebrations. Shana Tova! #news
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