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This beautiful teak  iPad and laptop stand is designed to support healthy posture with both desk and bed versions . Now exclusively available, together with a complimentary posture screening, from Epstein Chiropractors in St Ives Shopping Village or online.
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 — Products shown: Teak iPad and Laptop Stand - for bed and Teak iPad®, Laptop and Reading Stand.

4 months ago

Epstein Chiropractors

After a blistering rate of growth since the grand opening of Epstein Chiropractors in April 2017,I have taken leave to Canberra, our nation's capital to be involved in the restructuring of the chiropractic association and plan further clinical research on the use of Supine Mid Abdominal Traction (SMAT).#news ... See MoreSee Less


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best of luck.. You are great mentor and inspiration to many people.

Good luck Micheal, I hope it goes well for you

For the young at heart, an animation is a fun way to describe the benefits of Supine Mid Abdominal Traction (SMAT).

See the journal publication here...

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Spinal health starts in the sole and high-tech analysis and, if required, orthotic design are available at Epstein Chiropractors.
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André Lajoie DC, Xanthy Lajoie


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André Lajoie DC, Xanthy Lajoie, Alyssa Lajoie

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Start your day with fresh fibre and a good ergonomic outlook on life.
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Teak iPad and Laptop Stands

Do you have neck pain?

Consistently stretching your neck ligaments for as little as 20 minutes a day in the wrong direction may cause spinal deformity leading to neck pain, headaches, tight shoulders and hunch back (Thoracic Hyperkyphosis).

Dr Michael Epstein of Epstein Chiropractors has designed iPad and laptop stands, in teak wood, for both desktop and bed use. They are designed to provide superior posture support whilst working, playing or reading. They are sold online and from the Epstein Chiropractors clinic in St Ives Shopping Village in Northern Sydney.

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Teak Laptop Stand. For Desk.

Designed for posture protection.

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Teak Laptop Stand. For Bed.

Designed for posture protection

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