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St Ives Chiropractor Epstein Chiropractors utilizes Chiropractic Biophysics® techniques to deliver sustainable solutions for Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia Is a condition characterized by chronic widespread pain and a heightened pain response to pressure. Other symptoms include feeling tired to a degree that normal activities are affected as well as sleep patterns and trouble with memory. Some people also report restless leg syndrome, bowel or bladder problems, numbness and tingling and sensitivity to noise light or temperature. (

In 2015 a well designed randomised control study published in Rheumatology International concluded that upper cervical manipulation combined with exercise provided superior relief of symptoms compared to standard non-drug treatment.(
Dr Epstein, Chiropractor is trained and licensed to perform upper cervical manipulation. Call Epstein Chiropractors today to find out if we can help relieve your fibromyalgia pain.

We are in the wonderful St Ives Shopping Village on the Upper North Shore, close to Gordon, Pymble and Turramurra

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Teak iPad®, Laptop and Reading Stand

Consistently stretching your neck ligaments for as little as 20 minutes a day in the wrong direction may cause spinal deformity leading to neck pain, headaches, tight shoulders and hunch back (Thoracic Hyperkyphosis). This light weight (2.3 kilogrammes) teak wood ergonomic stand is designed to be an elegant ergonomic solution to avoid misaligned neck ligaments arising from computer or reading activities. It can be used for laptops, iPads®, tablets and books. The stand easily folds up, enabling simple portability. The French Colonial design finish allows it to beautifully stand on its own as desk furniture. laptop stand|st ives chiropractor|epstein chiropractors

iPad®, Laptop and Reading Stand
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