X-ray imaging is initially performed to rule out the presence of fractures, cancers and other red flags that may prevent Dr Epstein accepting a patient for chiropractic care. However, the main reason why radiographs of your spine are needed is so accurate and reliable biomechanical measurements can be analysed from the bone images. These measurements are necessary to determine the type of care needed. https://idealspine.com/cbp-protocol-of-care/ 
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We are in St Ives Shopping Village on the Upper North Shore, close to Terry Hills, Gordon, Pymble and Turramurra

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Teak iPad and Laptop Stands

Laptop Stands from Epstein Chiropractors

Do you have neck pain?

Consistently stretching your neck ligaments for as little as 20 minutes a day in the wrong direction may cause spinal deformity leading to neck pain, headaches, tight shoulders and hunch back (Thoracic Hypokyphosis).

Dr Michael Epstein of Epstein Chiropractors has designed iPad and laptop stands, in teak wood, for both desktop and bed use. They are designed to provide superior posture support whilst working, playing or reading. They are sold online and from the Epstein Chiropractors clinic in St Ives Shopping Village in Northern Sydney.

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Teak Laptop Stand. For Desk.

Designed for posture protection.

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